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about French In Mind

The funnest way to practice French is to share French culture!


French in Mind reflects the diversity and cultural richness of the French language. Outside the classroom, students attend social outings where they mingle with Frenchies in LA, which is comprised of French transplants. By making friends with French natives in Los Angeles, students get to live and speak both French culture and language.


Our curriculum is tailored for small classes.

Each French in Mind student receives the attention necessary to train the brain to think in French- thus speak French. From theory to practice, absolutely no query is ever left unaddressed.


Our focus on communication

You will develop news skills and abilities in the Interpersonal, Interpretive and Presentational modes of communication using both spoken and written French

  • In Interpersonal Communication, you engage in conversations and express ideas 

  • In Interpretive Communication, you understand and interpret spoken French 

  • In Presentational Communication, you present information and ideas in French 


Our focus on culture

We encourage cultural awareness. You will develop an understanding and an appreciation of various aspects of the French culture:

  • Cultural Products such as television and film, books, newspapers, music, etc

  • Cultural Practices such as customs, traditions, and patterns of interactions

  • Cultural Perspectives such as values, attitudes, and beliefs


Instructional content will reflect interests shared by students and teacher. Material includes websites, podcasts, films, newspapers, magazines, and literature. Our courses help students develop language skills that can be applied beyond the French course in everyday life. You will study a variety of topics in interesting, meaningful and engaging contexts:

  • Global Challenges

  • Science and Technology

  • Contemporary Life

  • Personal and Public Identities

  • Families and Communities

  • Beauty and Aesthetics

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